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"If you enjoy Retail Marijuana, hug a patient."


For immediate release, Dec. 31, 2013

{Denver} -- The Cannabis Trade Council, the only patient-centered cannabis trade organization in Colorado, has issued a public service announcement on the eve of the first cannabis sales by Retail Marijuana Stores:

"If you enjoy Retail Marijuana, hug a patient."

The PSA is modeled off the Colorado Wildlife Council's successful "hug an angler/hug a hunter" campaign, which encouraged support for the contribution that hunters and anglers make to wildlife conservation through their licensing fees. (

In the same way, Colorado medical marijuana patients should be recognized for their contribution to the Retail Marijuana industry in Colorado. All the marijuana sold by Retail Marijuana Stores (RMS's) on January 1 will have been provided courtesy of Colorado's 100,000+ registered medical marijuana patients.

The only RMS's that are allowed to open on Jan. 1 are either converting from Medical Marijuana Centers (MMCs) to RMSs, or they will be a dual MMC/RMS operation.

On Dec. 19, 2013, the Colorado Department of Revenue's Marijuana Criminal Enforcement Division adopted Emergency Rules that allow Medical Marijuana Centers (MMCs) that are converting to Retail Marijuana Stores (RMSs) to make a "one-time transfer" of patient medicine to supply their retail shops.

Most patients are unaware that medicine ear-marked for them will be converted over to Retail Marijuana on January 1. Patients were not notified, nor were they offered any remuneration for this windfall of inventory into the coffers of Retail Marijuana Stores.

If an MMC converts all or most of its patient medicine over to Retail Marijuana to take advantage of the DOR's "one-time transfer" allowance, it is unclear if there will be medicine left for patients in that MMC. Will patients have to wait for their medicine to re-grow, in order to supply the predicted high demand for Retail Marijuana?

Because every gram of cannabis sold on January 1 will have been grown on behalf of a Colorado medical marijuana patient.

Hug a Medical Marijuana Patient

The patient medicine amounts will all be dutifully entered into the MITS, the DOR's new Marijuana Inventory Tracking "Solution". The MITS is an NSA-style spy system, which has been developed by law enforcement as an expensive way to regulate "legal" marijuana. MITS uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track every speck of cannabis from

How the DOR will confirm the amounts of patient medicine that the MMCs will "transfer" to RMSs on Jan. 1 is a big question. The DOR has admitted that it illegally obtains patient information from the confidential patient Registry, protected by the Constitution and administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Will the DOR illegally confirm this information on "one-time transfer" amounts with the CDPHE, or will they just work on the honor system with the MMCs and RMSs and not try to verify the amounts that are transferred?

Patients have been abused in Colorado by the rise of the commercial marijuana "industry" and the agenda of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, a small handful of well-funded businesses who have used lobbyists and back-door influence to pass regulations that have stifled their competition and forced most small mom-and-pop dispensaries to sell-out to the bigger players.

Here's an example of some of the abuses that patients have suffered in 2013:
1) Breaches of confidentiality uncovered in the Auditor's report.

2) Breaches of confidentiality in the CCIC/NCIC crime computer, which allows police have direct access to the Registry for the first time.

3) Breaches of confidentiality involving the Marijuana Inventory Tracking "Solution" (MITS) online database.

4) Refusal of every attorney in the state to file a lawsuit to protect patient privacy, including all supposedly pro-cannabis attorneys, constitutional lawyers, and the ACLU. The lawyers were all "totally empathic", but were "booked up for the foreseeable future."

5) Stealing of $7.7 million in over-collected patient fees to fund unspecified marijuana "research". Money from patient fees is
constitutionally-required to be spent only on the Registry. It is not a slush fund for CDPHE or the Colorado legislature and should be refunded to the patients who paid for a confidential Registry and didn't get one.

6) New THC/DUI 5 nanogram law, that makes it easier for patients to get convicted of DUI.

7) Transferring of patient medicine to Retail Marijuana Stores, without patient notification, permission, or remuneration.

Yes, everyone is celebrating January 1 as a big day in the country. But as you celebrate, you must not forget about the patients. Under the commercial cannabis model, patients have not only suffered a loss of privacy and more prosecutions, but they are experiencing higher prices, lower quality, and scarcer availability of their medicine.

To summarize:
- Department of Revenue
- CDPHE and Board of Health
- Ron Hyman, Director of the Medical Marijuana Registry
- General Assembly (Democrats and Republicans equally)
- Law enforcement
- Fake "industry" groups promoting a monopolistic agenda
- Medical marijuana attorneys
- CDPHE Toxicology Lab and CDPHE's Cynthia Burbach

Many of the sickest of Colorado's patients are using Rick Simpson Oil to cure their cancer.

Rick Simpson Oil requires a large quantity of cannabis and a skilled medicine-maker to produce it. Many cases of tumor reduction or elimination in Colorado have been reported from people who use this oil. However, many patients have been DENIED this medicine in Colorado, even as the Retail Marijuana industry celebrates with cannabis provided courtesy of all those patients.

The commercial marijuana modeled has destroyed Colorado's compassionate caregiver model, and the patients are suffering.

If you visit an MMC or RMS on Jan. 1, please remember to tell them that you support HUGGING A PATIENT, and encourage your cannabis provider to participate in an indigent patient program to help provide Rick Simpson Oil to those whose lives may depend on it.


This has been a Public Service Announcement of the:
Cannabis Trade Council
"What's good for patients is good for business."




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